“NOMMO” means “the magical power of words” and we want students to “STEP” into their own limelight when they learn to embrace word power in performance and presentation. S.T.E.P. utilizes four forms of presentation: 1) STORYTELLING 2) PLAYS 3) POETRY and 4) PUBLIC SPEAKING.  Students will learn the art of how to think outside the box when they bring written words alive. S.T.E.P. instructors teach creative dramatics through creative writing, script analysis, ensemble work, improvisation, theatre games, staging, character development, and costume accessorizing.  A final performance to highlight their limelights will conclude this program.

​***1hr, 1x a week, for 6, 8, or 10 week sessions***

Student Theater Enrichment Program

***Classes are available year round as well as through artist residency***